Driving a More Sustainable Future

Apollo works every day to lead responsibly and leverage our full platform to create positive impact.

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The Apollo Sustainability Ecosystem

At Apollo, we work every day to lead responsibly and leverage our full platform to create positive impact. Since formalizing our ESG engagement and reporting program in 2009 we have engaged with hundreds of portfolio companies through reporting, site visits, and conferences to help drive sustainability, climate action, employee engagement, and responsible citizenship across these organizations. 

Today, our commitment to sustainability remains a defining attribute of our firm and is embedded in our culture. We strive to be an industry leader in ESG data collection, transparency and engagement with portfolio companies, borrowers, counterparties and fellow industry participants.

Our Approach to Sustainability

Apollo has developed a strong bench of Sustainability talent, including our Chief Sustainability Officer, Dave Stangis, as well as dedicated heads of ESG for our private equity and credit businesses. The depth of talent and leadership reinforces Apollo’s commitment to sustainability as we look to drive operational rigor and positive impact around the globe.

That is why we are elevating our approach to sustainability further, leveraging it as a growth strategy for Apollo and our clients. By using sustainability as a driver of opportunity, we believe it can help the businesses in which Apollo-managed funds invest become better companies through engagement initiatives and empowering every employee to make a difference.


Sustainability Ecosystem

AGM Board of Directors
Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility Committee of the AGM Board
Apollo Leadership Team
Office of Sustainability
Expanding Opportunity
Sustainable Investing Platform
Apollo Impact Platform


Sustainability Leadership

Dave Stangis
Chief Sustainability

Laurie Medley
Global Head of ESG

Michael Kashani
Head of ESG, Credit

Joanna Reiss
Co-Head of Impact

Robert Esposito
Senior Counsel, Sustainability 

Patience Ball
Impact Chair

Carletta Ooton
Head of ESG, Private

Christine Bave
Deputy Head of Sustainable Finance

Daniel Vogel
Deputy Head of
Sustainable Finance

Olivia Wassenaar
Head of Sustainability and Infrastructure

Jonathan Simon
Global Head of Leadership Development and Diversity

Joe Moroney
Head of Sustainable Finance, Co-Head of
Global Corporate Credit

Lauren Coape-Arnold
Global Head of Citizenship and Executive Director of the Apollo Opportunity Foundation

Recent Sustainability Achievements

Apollo-managed Funds deployed, committed or arranged $10 billion6 in clean energy and climate investments across asset classes in 2023, advancing progress toward our $50 billion target.  Apollo achieved carbon-neutral operations for the entire enterprise for the first time across our corporate Scope 1 and 2 GHG emissions by procuring carbon offsets from carbon removal projects and unbundled renewable energy certificates.  Apollo launched the multi-product Apollo Clean Transition (“ACT”) investment strategy that seeks to meet the wide-ranging capital needs for the global energy transition. Specifically, ACT Capital launched with $4 billion in deployable capital and aims to provide access to primarily private credit and hybrid investment opportunities, while ACT Equity focuses on traditional private equity with a climate lens.  Apollo’s ESG Credit team significantly scaled coverage and support of teams and strategies across Apollo and many of its origination platforms, and partnered with Apollo’s technology team to significantly scale reporting capabilities, delivering over 100 reports per quarter as part of broader efforts to expand data coverage and quality.  The Firm increased gender representation, with half of new hires at AGM being female.  The Firm doubled our Supplier Diversity spend goal to $2 billion in direct and indirect spending with diverse suppliers across Apollomanaged Funds’ private equity portfolio, after exceeding our original $1 billion target early.  Apollo committed $5.2 million in grants, up from $3 million last year, to 22 organizations sponsored by our employees via the Apollo Opportunity Foundation. Employees also volunteered more than 16,000 hours to support community partners, nonprofit organizations and other philanthropic causes.  Athene provided a $1.875 million seed investment7 for the Great Outdoors Foundation Conservation Fund. The Conservation Fund is a brand-new funding mechanism geared toward multiplying Iowa’s investment in water quality.


Note: As of December 31, 2023. Amount spread over the next five years.

Sustainable Investing Platform

In 2022, Apollo launched a comprehensive Sustainable Investing Platform focused on financing and investing in the energy transition and decarbonization of industry.

Deployed, Committed, or Arranged Toward Energy Transition and Decarbonization¹
Needed Annually to Achieve Net Zero Globally by 2050

Apollo Impact Mission

The Apollo Impact Mission strategy pursues private equity opportunities that seek to generate positive, measurable social and/or environmental impact at scale while delivering attractive risk-adjusted returns. We adhere to a rigorous impact investment strategy that targets investments centered around two critical objectives – helping people and healing the planet.

Apollo is driving an evolution in the impact investing landscape by applying the strategy to the mid-market, investing in later-stage, mature companies. We employ the “classic Apollo” value-oriented lens and harness the full power of the firm as we seek to drive both financial success and impact at AIM portfolio companies.


Economic Opportunity

Improve quality of life by expanding economic opportunity for underserved populations.

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Provide tools to improve livelihoods through education and job preparedness.

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Health, Safety & Wellness

Improve the quality of life for people through products and services that support their health and safety.

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Climate & Sustainability

Drive towards a more sustainable future by addressing climate change, enabling the circular economy, improving the sustainability of natural resources and ecosystems, and facilitating clean energy usage. 

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Industry 4.0

Harness innovation to transform industries, businesses and communities to be safer and cleaner, as well as more equitable, sustainable and efficient. 

Driving Sustainability Across Our Ecosystems

We are committed to responsible leadership and believe that driving sustainability best practices across our investment ecosystems helps to yield better business outcomes for all our stakeholders.

Sustainability Insights

Read timely insights from across Apollo’s Sustainability ecosystem.

(1) As of December 31, 2023. Deployment commensurate with Apollo’s proprietary Climate and Transition Investment Framework, which provides guidelines and metrics with respect to the definition of a climate or transition investment. Reflects (a) for equity investments: (i) total enterprise value at time of signed commitment for initial equity commitments; (ii) additional capital contributions from Apollo funds and co-invest vehicles for follow-on equity investments; and (iii) contractual commitments of Apollo funds and co-invest vehicles at the time of initial commitment for preferred equity investments; (b) for debt investments: (i) total facility size for Apollo originated debt, warehouse facilities, or fund financings; (ii) purchase price on the settlement date for private non-traded debt; (iii) increases in maximum exposure on a period-over-period basis for publicly-traded debt; (iv) total capital organized on the settlement date for syndicated debt; and (v) contractual commitments of Apollo funds and co-invest vehicles as of the closing date for real estate debt; (c) for SPACs, the total sponsor equity and capital organized as of the respective announcement dates; (d) for platform acquisitions, the purchase price on the signed commitment date; and (e) for platform originations, the gross origination value on the origination date.