Sustainability & Our Impact

Our Integrated Approach

As a leading alternative asset manager, we believe Apollo is uniquely positioned to drive a more sustainable future and expand opportunity in our workplace, the marketplace and throughout the communities where we work and live. We take an integrated approach, incorporating environmental, social and governance considerations into everything we do–from how we invest, to how we lend, to how we operate our firm globally.

Our core values of leading responsibly and championing opportunity not only shape Apollo’s positive impact on society, they also play a critical role in our continued growth and success. Our stakeholders increasingly rely on us to leverage our scale, global network and deep expertise to deliver positive societal returns in addition to strong financial performance.


Driving a More Sustainable Future

Apollo works every day to lead responsibly and leverage our full platform to create positive impact. Our sustainability strategy prioritizes creating economic value for our shareholders and serving the needs of our clients and employees in a responsible way that can lead to long-term positive contributions to the communities in which we operate.

Sustainability at Apollo is more than a negative screen, risk mitigator, or due diligence tool — it’s a potential driver of opportunity and growth. Our integrated sustainability approach seeks to mitigate risk and unearth new opportunities to create value. We continue to prioritize sustainability efforts in our management and operations to create demonstrated value to the business. Today, this commitment continues as we look for new ways to integrate sustainability.

Recent Sustainability Achievements

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Apollo-managed funds have deployed $23B+ toward clean energy and climate investments across asset classes over the last five years, furthering progress toward our $50B target set with the launch of our comprehensive Sustainable Investing Platform.

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We exceeded our goal of achieving more than $1B in direct and indirect spending with diverse suppliers across Apollo-managed funds’ private equity portfolio and agreed to double our goal to $2B in spending. 

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We achieved carbon neutral operations for Apollo Asset Management by procuring high-quality carbon removal projects and unbundled renewable energy credits. (1)

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Apollo awarded nearly $3M in grants to 11 nonprofit organizations working to expand opportunity and advance economic prosperity through the Apollo Opportunity Foundation.

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In 2022, we completed 12,680 hours of employee volunteer service to support community partners, nonprofit organizations, and other philanthropic causes. (2)


We reached and exceeded our target of 30% diverse representation on the boards of certain companies that are controlled by Apollo-managed private equity funds.

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Apollo set a new goal to reduce median carbon intensity by 15% over the projected hold period for new control investments in our flagship private equity strategy.

As of December 31, 2022

  1. Carbon neutral was achieved in 2022 by Apollo Asset Management (“AAM”) not Apollo Global Management due to data verification limitations.
  2. In 2022, AAM and Athene calculated volunteer hours as separate entities (AAM hours = 6,850; Athene hours = 5,830)

Expanding Opportunity

Apollo’s Expanding Opportunity initiative leverages the full force of the Apollo ecosystem to drive positive change in our workplace, across the marketplace in which we operate and across the communities where we work and live.

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Our Strategies

Sustainable Investing Platform

Apollo’s Sustainable Investing Platform combines our long-standing commitment to ESG with our experience in sustainability, clean energy and climate capital investing. Through the platform, Apollo-managed funds provide capital to entities contributing to the energy transition, industrial decarbonization, sustainable mobility, sustainable resource use and sustainable real estate.

Apollo Impact Mission

The Apollo Impact Mission (“AIM”) platform seeks to achieve meaningful impact at scale. We do this by pursuing private-equity-like opportunities with the intention of making a positive, measurable social and environmental impact while seeking to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns. We adhere to a rigorous impact investment philosophy that targets investments centered around two critical objectives: helping people and healing the planet.

“There is great energy at Apollo around what we can do for our business and our communities, because we have aligned these objectives. I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished and, going forward, we’ll look to continue expanding our reach and capabilities when it comes to driving a more sustainable future.”

Dave Stangis
Chief Sustainability Officer

Sustainability in Action