The Apollo Opportunity Foundation


At Apollo, we are taking action in a way that is authentic to us and is aligned with our purpose and values. We have a long history of leveraging our resources, engaging our employees and deploying innovative initiatives across our platform to create a long-term positive impact in our communities. 

Launched in 2022, the Apollo Opportunity Foundation (AOF) builds on our commitment to expanding opportunity across the workplace, marketplace and the communities where we operate. We have committed more than $100 million to the Foundation, with a goal to invest it over the next decade in non-profit organizations working to expand opportunity for underrepresented individuals.


The Apollo Opportunity Foundation seeks to expand opportunity in communities where we live and work around the globe by deploying our capital and by engaging our people to invest in career education, workforce development and economic empowerment for all.

“By strategically investing in organizations and then pairing that capital with our talent, the Apollo Opportunity Foundation can help to scale our grantees’ impact, leading to transformative change.”

Lauren Coape-Arnold
Executive Director of Apollo Opportunity Foundation


The Apollo Opportunity Foundation harnesses our collective resources to amplify impact and reach. We recognize our responsibility to drive positive change in society, and we are leveraging the entire Apollo ecosystem to create long-lasting value. Leading with an employee-driven approach, we will partner with organizations that are championed by our people to advance economic prosperity and expand opportunity for all.

Key Pillars to advance economic prosperity


Career Education

  • Exposure: Exploring career pathways through educational programs and mentorship.

  • Preparation: Ensuring readiness for careers through training, financial literacy and STEM proficiency.

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Workforce Development

  • Pathways: Creating new and expanded pathways to high-quality career experiences.

  • Development: Providing professional development, upskilling and coaching for career success.

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Economic Empowerment

  • Empowerment: Bolstering leadership capacity and networks of professionals and entrepreneurs. 

  • Growth: Supporting professionals and entrepreneurs in accessing capital and scaling impact.


AOF Grantees
“AOF engages employees across every level of Apollo to expand opportunity in our communities. With grants that are employee-nominated and driven, Apollo is able to take a hands-on approach that harnesses our collective resources to amplify impact and reach.” 

Christine Hommes
Partner and Co-Chair of the Apollo Opportunity Foundation Grants Council

“AOF’s approach is guided by a diverse group of Apollo teammates who represent our key strengths: rigorous analysis and deep due diligence, but with a commitment to community. We are building on our legacy of engaging employees to drive change.”

Earl Hunt
Partner and Co-Chair of the Apollo Opportunity Foundation Grants Council


Our Employee-Driven Approach

Our employees are central to the AOF approach and play a critical role in our grantmaking. From the thousands of hours volunteered by Apollo employees on an annual basis to their ongoing involvement in Citizenship activities and participation on non-profit boards, our people show us every day how passionate they are about making a difference. Our employees play a critical role in the Foundation, from nominating organizations eligible for funding to reviewing and evaluating grants to driving the impact of a grant through ongoing volunteerism and partnership.

We established a Grants Council of 12 employees representing different levels, geographies and businesses. The Council meets regularly to review and evaluate all organizations nominated for funding.

Every grant the Foundation makes will be championed by an employee or a team of employees, who form a “Deal Team” to advance the organization’s mission, foster employee engagement opportunities (such as volunteerism and board service), source skills-based capacity building projects and participate in impact measurement and grant evaluation.

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