Carletta Ooton

Silver Spring, United States of America

Operating Partner

Carletta Ooton is the Head of ESG for Private Equity and an Operating Partner at Apollo, with responsibility of building on the Firm’s long-standing commitment to ESG by advancing ESG integration and performance across its private equity portfolio. Prior to joining in 2022, Carletta was with Amazon, where she served as Vice President of Product Assurance, Risk and Security since 2014. While at Amazon, she was instrumental in Amazon’s foundational sustainability efforts, including calculating its carbon footprint for the first time and launching Amazon’s Climate Pledge. Prior to Amazon, Carletta held operational, quality and sustainability-focused leadership roles at The Coca-Cola Company, Cott Beverages, Bath & Body Works, Unilever and Tate & Lyle.

Carletta holds a BA in Biological Sciences and a MA in Microbiology.