Apollo Updates
January 04, 2023

Marc Rowan Fireside Chat at Goldman Sachs’ US Financial Services Conference

Our CEO Marc Rowan participated in a fireside chat at Goldman Sachs’ US Financial Services Conference to discuss the growth and evolution of Apollo’s business, our outlook for 2023 and beyond, and updates on strategic initiatives and investment activity amid turbulent markets.

Marc outlined progress made across our three key bets from Investor Day across global wealth, origination and ACS to double the business over five years, noting that “we now know that those targets will be conservative,” and highlighted 2023 as a year for “above-average growth” after significantly scaling our people and platform in 2021. 

“2023 is all about execution. Scaling the machine, building the efficiency, making sure we have everything working the way we want it to work,” he said. “There’s plenty of tailwinds and our job is to execute the plan.”

He then went on to discuss key growth drivers of our Yield strategy and Retirement Services business, where we expect to continue to outperform. As public market liquidity tightens, we believe our leadership in private fixed income and Athene’s track record of excess spread generation and organic growth will be attractive to both high-quality borrowers as well as institutional and individual investors.

The session concluded with Marc emphasizing our “purchase price matters” investment philosophy and focus on the top part of the capital structure in relation to risk exposure.

“Right now, with all the lack of liquidity, correlation, and everyone indexed to the same things, this is when alts should shine,” he said. “I would rather be in our shoes. I would rather play our hand.”

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