Apollo Updates
September 13, 2021

Marc Rowan discusses future growth, opportunity with CNBC

CEO Marc Rowan joined CNBC’s Leslie Picker, discussing Apollo’s strong performance, momentum, and strategy for the future.

Apollo’s CEO Marc Rowan joined CNBC’s Leslie Picker on Monday September 13th for the first-ever Delivering Alpha livestream, where he discussed the firm’s strong performance, momentum, and strategy for the future.

Marc noted that Apollo has an amazing business that “gets better every day,” while also sharing that together Apollo and Athene expect to see about $55 billion of organic inflows this year in addition to inorganic growth.

“The reality is that we have performed for investors in ways that few firms have performed,” Marc said. “We have defined our business as one of excess return and we’ve delivered on that promise.”

“We have a unique macroeconomic backdrop,” he added. “We have a business literally that gets better every day, whether it’s demographics, whether it’s low rates, whether it’s generational transfer of wealth. The momentum is there in this business. And then you have this interplay of technology coming into alternatives, and really reshaping the financial landscape. So anyone who’s not excited about what’s happening today is just missing the bigger picture.”

Marc also spoke about Apollo’s culture as “one of authenticity,” the firm’s commitment to expanding opportunity and the importance of diverse representation. “We are an evolving industry and we confront really interesting problems along the way,” he said. “Having diverse points of view around how to confront those problems will no doubt benefit us.”

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