Apollo Updates
August 03, 2021

New, expanded ESG Report highlights “The Apollo Effect”

Environmental action, social responsibility, improved governance—Apollo's new ESG Report is filled with engaging examples of ESG achievements. Behind those stories stands 79,000+ ESG data points from 57 reporting companies—and more.

Our Volume 12 report reflects Apollo's strong growth by looking beyond our private equity funds, to how we apply our ESG lens to our credit business, real assets, and our own operations.

What the report calls “The Apollo ESG Effect” grows from Apollo's combined ESG experience, scale, industry-leading reporting, broad network, and commitment to operational excellence. Its result: from renewable energy to resorts, from supermarkets to tech companies, Apollo is helping to make change happen in companies, communities, and the world. The report tells dozens of those stories.

ESG itself has evolved from being just an area of risk, to a source of innovative opportunities—characteristic of Apollo. With our unequalled reporting program, Apollo has positioned itself at the head of our industry in producing investor returns while making ESG considerations part of everything we do.

Part of the story is Apollo's own progress. As the report describes, we have reaffirmed our commitment to DE&I, expanding opportunity with the AltFinance initiative for students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and HBCUNet, a new career platform. Apollo has announced an enhanced corporate governance structure with a broader stockholder base, a simpler corporate structure, and a more diverse, two-thirds independent board.

What comes next? In their letter leading off the report, Apollo’s Co-founder and CEO Marc Rowan, and Co-presidents Jim Zelter, and Scott Kleinman write, "ESG principles need to be fully embedded into our culture and permeate our entire organization. This is when we will truly make a difference and expand the opportunity and the impact."

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