Financial Services Solutions

Our Approach

We are a solutions provider to companies across the financial and retirement services ecosystem, backed by an experienced team of professionals and scaled, long-term capital. Apollo has more than 30 insurance regulatory relationships to help lead the industry forward across global geographies.  

We build, serve and partner with leading retirement services businesses


Who We Serve



Custom-built solutions for retirement services and other insurance companies are core to our business at Apollo. We partner with some of the world’s largest insurers across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia, with offerings that span:  

  • Block and flow reinsurance
  • Strategic partnerships and capital solutions
  • Retirement product partnerships
  • Origination partnerships and syndication
  • Apollo Flagship Fund investments
  • Single-and multi-sector SMAs and other portfolio management services


Global investors turn to Apollo for broad array of insurance-oriented investment opportunities: 

  • Sidecars and reinsurance vehicles
  • Platform equity and balance sheet lending opportunities
  • Pensions
  • Downside-protected private market investment strategies 

Financial Institutions 

We partner with banks and other large financial institutions around the world on financial services solutions:

  • Partnership platforms and regulatory-oriented solutions
  • Duration and event-driven risk offtake
  • Hybrid corporate financing
  • Platform balance sheet lending
  • Non-bank warehousing 

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