Corporate Credit

Our Approach

Apollo is active across private and public corporate credit markets, providing a comprehensive suite of financing solutions across the credit return spectrum.

Our scale and expertise have helped us become a financing partner of choice for companies of all stripes - from large, investment grade corporations to sponsor-backed businesses to third-party lending platforms. Our ability to act as a flexible and reliable solutions provider to large corporates has made large-cap direct lending one of the fastest growing areas of our platform.

Apollo Corporate Credit

Lending across public and private opportunities

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Direct Lending

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Investment Grade & High Yield Bonds

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Broadly Syndicated Loans

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Preferred Equity

Private Credit: Potential Benefits

Direct loans and other private solutions can be executed with greater speed and price certainty as compared to traditional financing markets.

Issuers can negotiate bilaterally with one or a handful of lenders.

Private credit can provide structurally sophisticated solutions that are distinct from those offered in the broadly syndicated market.

Our Focus as Lenders

Strong Credit Fundamentals
Downside Protection
Typically Senior, Secured

Our Attributes


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Broad, Global Relationships

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Proprietary Origination

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Long-Term Alignment

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Scaled, Diverse and Stable Capital

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Active across Private and Traditional Markets, Asset Types and Sectors

Investment Strategies


Direct Lending

  • Large corporate direct origination 
  • First lien and unitranche 
  • Strong credit documentation 
  • Seeks illiquidity premium in private markets

Multi-Asset Credit

  • Multi-sector credit across public and private markets
  • Targets strong credit fundamentals
  • Expansive opportunity set with limited overlap to traditional fixed income portfolios
  • Semi-liquid credit 


  • Dislocation and event-driven opportunities 
  • Opportunistic hybrid solutions 
  • Active across public and private markets 
  • Seeks outsized alpha generation, low correlation to traditional asset classes over a credit cycle 

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