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May 30, 2023

Impact in Focus: Apollo’s 2022 Annual Impact Report

Apollo Impact Mission is our dedicated strategy that seeks to leverage our decades of experience in private equity to create impact at scale through its investments.

Our 2022 Impact Report highlights Apollo’s approach to driving impact at scale through our dedicated Apollo Impact Mission platform (“AIM”, “we”, or “the platform”).

AIM seeks to achieve meaningful impact by pursuing private equity-like opportunities with the intention of generating positive, measurable social and/or environmental impact while generating attractive risk-adjusted returns.

We adhere to a rigorous impact investment philosophy that targets investments centered around two critical objectives — helping people and healing the planet. Apollo is driving an evolution in the impact investing landscape by making later-stage impact investments. We employ the “classic Apollo” value-oriented lens and harness the full power of the firm to drive both financial and impact success at AIM portfolio companies.

Through the platform, Apollo has made four investments in companies that align with AIM’s objectives and exhibit collinearity, meaning the impact they have is intrinsic to their business model, and thus profit and purpose are mutually reinforcing and intertwined. For these businesses, impact is not a concession, but rather a driver of financial performance.

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