Apollo’s Responsible Workforce Principles

Our Approach

Millions of people rely on Apollo-managed funds for a secure retirement. Hundreds of communities throughout the world have workers employed by companies in which Apollo-managed funds invest. We take our responsibility to be a trusted partner very seriously.

Apollo Global Management, Inc. has adopted Responsible Workforce Principles to better reflect our impact and expectations as to how companies in which Apollo-managed funds have a majority equity investment (“Portfolio Companies”) approach workforce related elements which can have a material impact on both workers and investment returns. 

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Prior to Investing:

Apollo-managed funds undertake significant due diligence prior to making an investment. That investment analysis includes workplace elements such as, but not limited to, workplace health and safety records, unionization status, wages and benefits, and skills training.

When Invested:

Apollo-managed funds will encourage, to the extent legally permissible and consistent with the fiduciary duties of the applicable fund’s General Partners, their Portfolio Company managers to improve long-term performance by:

  • Seeking to grow and improve the investment for both long-term value creation and to benefit a broad range of stakeholders including employees.

  • Seeking to confirm the Portfolio Company does not utilize or engage with companies that utilize forced or unlawful child labor.

  • Seeking to include employees in Portfolio Company gains through benefits such as broad-based equity programs.

  • Seeking to foster and enhance transparency and record keeping surrounding workplace conditions.

  • Seeking to improve employee well-being and development in compliance with applicable laws. This includes supporting, where applicable:

    • Providing safe and healthy workplaces

    • Providing workplaces free from discriminatory practices

    • Providing competitive wages and benefits

    • Providing opportunities for skills training and pathways to internal advancement

    • Respecting the rights of employees to decide whether or not to join a union and engage in organizing efforts

    • Providing a collective bargaining process free from intimidation or retribution

While all the Principles will not apply in every instance, we believe this list contains the most meaningful elements to building and sustaining best-in-class workplaces, consistent with our commitment to our investors.

Effective Date: July 1, 2024

Apollo in Action

Since acquiring The Venetian Resort Las Vegas in February 2022, Apollo Private Equity has been supporting management in executing a comprehensive plan to invest in enhancing the property and its offerings, incentivize and engage team members and catalyze growth across the business.

Equity | Case Study

Reinvigorating an Iconic Las Vegas Destination

The Apollo team has been supporting The Venetian management in executing a comprehensive plan to enhance the property. 

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Sustainability & Our Impact

As a leading alternative asset manager, we believe Apollo is uniquely positioned to drive a more sustainable future and expand opportunity in our workplace, the marketplace and throughout the communities where we work and live.

Annual Sustainability Report: Volume 15

Since 2009, Apollo has proudly published a comprehensive summary of our approach to sustainability across our ecosystem.

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Expanding Opportunity

Apollo’s Expanding Opportunity initiative leverages the full force of the Apollo ecosystem to drive positive change in our workplace, across the marketplace in which we operate and across the communities where we work and live.

Apollo's Approach to Expanding Opportunity

We seek to lead responsibly through investments of time, talent and resources that help to create economic opportunity and prosperity.

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